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Ozmosis Concert

OZmoSiS is a new ensemble that I formed with two other expat Australians living in Ireland.
We performed at the Cork School of Music and during the concert I played the premiere of an original work Blow by Blow

An Australian blow fly trapped in the window, the buzz, the irritation, the reminder of what is beyond the window
a reminder of what it is to be free, feelings of being being trapped, so near yet so far.
Working towards your goals blow by blow, a journey where there are all the elements of being a blowfly trapped, released
coming up against the invisible wall time and time again but still persevering,
still heading towards the light, the promise of freedom.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SaRFPU77Tk’]

Hayfield Manor 11th March

Today played solo cello for a small group of people for a bubs christening, in the library at Hayfield Manor a five star hotel in Cork.

The guests drank coffee and chatted whilst I served them up a feast of music…Bach suites, Irish airs from my book, Pour Una Cabeza, Liebeslied, Swan lake, West Side story cello parts (I practiced for the upcoming show at Cork Opera House once they went in for lunch as they wanted me to continue for a while whilst they were served…don’t think anyone noticed that I was playing the cello part of ‘America’, ‘Maria’ etc, with no melody happening…)

Mozart was requested so I played Romanza from Eine Kleine Nacht music
Most loved was Pour Una Cabeza, and asked for as soon as I finished playing it, was Moon River…
The baby’s name was Katie, so I sang her K-K-K-Katie…very sweet and crazy in long white gown…