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Summer Music Galway – 30/06/12

Summer Music Galway
Saturday, June 30, 2012
TBA - All Ages
Summer Music in Galway
Seafield Road, Quilty,
County Clare, Ireland.

Summer Music on the Shannon/Summer Music in Galway 2012 Locations

SMS/SMG classes, rehearsals and performances are located in Ennis, Limerick and Galway, all within close proximity to many of the most beautiful scenic attractions on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. A major new attraction in 2012 will be the SMS/SMG inauguration of a week-long festival of concerts in the beautifully restored Claregalway Castle. All locations are easily accessible by air via Dublin and Shannon airports and by train and bus from Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Ennis.

Other Info
30th July-11th August
Summer Music on the Shannon / Summer Music in Galway (SMS/SMG)is committed to a programme designed to provide accessibility to international standards of music instruction and performance excellence. The music school and festival offers to musicians of all ages, and at all levels of achievement, programmes which stimulate inherent artistic talent through a wide variety of classes, rehearsals, solo recitals and ensemble performances. By participating in an intensive and exciting summer music programme, students will be encouraged to explore opportunities for the further enjoyment of music.

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Celloquial at Midsummer festival launch

The cellos of the Cork Symphony Orchestra, launching as Celloquial at the midwinter launch in the Mardyke cricket club in Cork, for the Midsummer Festival.

The four cellos sounded great and we played Elaine's fabtastic arrangement of Eleanor Rigby, my Seven Nation army arrangement, Creeping Death and Nothing Else Matters, both Metallica numbers from Apocaliptica.

Tonight will be another Celloquial event with Interference. 8 cellos this time! What a sound!

Brid and Sean’s wedding

Played with the Cork Symphony Orchestra cellos for Brid's wedding. I arranged/composed this piece putting a piece from Mayo and one form Donegal together (where they hail from…) with a bit of rocking out at the end. We also played my arrangement of 7 nation army by white stripes and some Apocalyptica covers like Nothing Else Matters and Creeping Death. All in our gowns… Brid playing in her wedding dress was particularly challenging!

And here is 7 Nation Army…

Dublin 2 – 24/05/11

Ilse de Ziah & Lioba Petrie on Cello
Tuesday, May 24, 2011
20:30 - Irish Composers collective - All Ages Buy Tickets
National Concert Hall (map)
Earlsfort Terrace
Dublin 2, Ireland
Other Info
Ilse de Ziah & Lioba Petrie
Tuesday 24th May 2011 8:30pm

Prices: €10 (Concessions: €5)

Room: Kevin Barry Room

Ilse de Ziah & Lioba Petrie on Cello
This concert will perform new works by Derek Foott, Marc Tweedie, David O’Regan, Bryan Dunphy, Ben McHugh and Daniel Barkley The Irish Composers’ Collective (ICC) is pleased to present Isle de Ziah and Lioba Petrie on cello for the ICC’s monthly concert series starting at 8.30pm with a preconcert talk at 8.15pm.
Presented by The Irish Composers' Collective

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the lost gecko

Rocking out in the Old Oak tonight with Malcolm Urquhart . Dubious poem while I wait…


The Old Oak

The gig starts at 11

I was told 8

Now I wait

Murphys on hand

by 1am the alcohol is grand

to drive.

On a high stool which wobbles

The time stands still

but the drink is cold

and I'm looking cool

The guys all look tough

or square

or foreign

no dreads

no colour

no crazy heads

It's all as usual

for a gig in the pub

A bit of a smell

and the floor needs a scrub


Hayfield Manor 11th March

Today played solo cello for a small group of people for a bubs christening, in the library at Hayfield Manor a five star hotel in Cork.

The guests drank coffee and chatted whilst I served them up a feast of music…Bach suites, Irish airs from my book, Pour Una Cabeza, Liebeslied, Swan lake, West Side story cello parts (I practiced for the upcoming show at Cork Opera House once they went in for lunch as they wanted me to continue for a while whilst they were served…don’t think anyone noticed that I was playing the cello part of ‘America’, ‘Maria’ etc, with no melody happening…)

Mozart was requested so I played Romanza from Eine Kleine Nacht music
Most loved was Pour Una Cabeza, and asked for as soon as I finished playing it, was Moon River…
The baby’s name was Katie, so I sang her K-K-K-Katie…very sweet and crazy in long white gown…

Quiet Music Ensemble 31st October

Saturday night in the DEAF festival with the Quiet Music Ensemble

It was a fantastic 5hr sound installation in Dublin for the DEAF festival. On the night when the walls between the worlds are said to be thin, we performed pieces by Lucier, Karen Power, Applebaum and David Toop and more…

One of the ‘extra’ pieces I was happily roped into, I sat on the stage holding a tin bucket. Next to me sits  bass player Dan who proceeds to pour, drip by drip, water from a bottle into my bucket. I hold the bucket over the microphone and the drips ring out.
For ten minutes…
It starts off…hmm this is really quite sensual yeah….3 seconds on…hmm this is getting heavy, wierd, etc….on and on to torture.
Then when the water inadvertently poured out in a piss like really ‘was’ Dan pissing into a bucket that I was holding…in front of an audience… twice
hee heee. I did laugh.
The audience were loving it and it was the hit of the 5 hr ‘show’… never mind the incredible gal standing whilst performing powerful impromptu pyrotechniques on the cello…