Quiet Music Ensemble 31st October

Saturday night in the DEAF festival with the Quiet Music Ensemble

It was a fantastic 5hr sound installation in Dublin for the DEAF festival. On the night when the walls between the worlds are said to be thin, we performed pieces by Lucier, Karen Power, Applebaum and David Toop and more…

One of the ‘extra’ pieces I was happily roped into, I sat on the stage holding a tin bucket. Next to me sits  bass player Dan who proceeds to pour, drip by drip, water from a bottle into my bucket. I hold the bucket over the microphone and the drips ring out.
For ten minutes…
It starts off…hmm this is really quite sensual yeah….3 seconds on…hmm this is getting heavy, wierd, etc….on and on to torture.
Then when the water inadvertently poured out in a piss like stream..it really ‘was’ Dan pissing into a bucket that I was holding…in front of an audience… twice
hee heee. I did laugh.
The audience were loving it and it was the hit of the 5 hr ‘show’… never mind the incredible gal standing whilst performing powerful impromptu pyrotechniques on the cello…

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