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Marriage d’Amour – New arrangement

If you’re like me you’ll be eager to get started on a new party piece for those end of year events!

This week I have completed a new solo cello arrangement of Marriage d’Amour by Paul de Senneville. I am sure you will enjoy playing it. It is passionate and as one of my patrons said, “a strong swirling dance of life”


Speaking of patrons; each video release is being supported by patrons through https://www.patreon.com/ilse

If you would like to support me in making more music do have a look. When I make an arrangement you will be the first to receive it, and are encouraged to give suggestions about what pieces you would like arranged. I find this platform a good way for me to interact with fellow cellists who enjoy my music.

Video of Marriage d’Amour, as usual made in front of my famous Narnia cupboard… from inside it, inspiration flows.

Thank you for listening!

Trad on Cello! New cello book available now!

I am pleased to announce the release of my new cello book, Trad on Cello. There are twenty Irish traditional tunes including polkas, slides, jigs, reels, hornpipes and slip jigs, with a guide on how to play them.

I have enjoyed choosing great tunes that fit together in sets so that when you turn up for a session, you are fully equipped to dive straight in and feel good about your playing! It was a challenge to find the perfect keys for the cello for tunes that sit in first position only so there is no running up and down the fingerboard. It makes them really fun to play whatever grade. The second cello parts are also great for playing as a duo, and the chords are included so the tunes can be played with anyone who can read chords. They sound amazing with a group of cellists too, as my friend said “like a big lumbering beast” (I hope that’s good!)

The introduction and chapter information is detailed and interesting for anyone who wants to have a little more guidance and get a brief background info on the tunes.

For teachers looking for something a little different to inspire students post exams, these are a perfect antidote to the earnestness of exam preparations.

I made a video of one of the reels to give an idea of what is in store for you and I hope to see other videos from cellists playing these tunes too!

Download Now on Play Cello Music Store

Traditional Irish Tunes in Cello Friendly Keys

The Medicine Sessions – Lismore, Co. Cork – 12/06/14

The Medicine Sessions
Thursday, June 12, 2014
20:00 - Free - All Ages Buy Tickets
Lismore, Co. Cork, Ireland

Free In & above The Red House...

Other Info
We have an absolutely fantastic night of music lined up for ye tomorrow night at this months Medicine Sessions!! Kicking the night off with Ilse De Ziah & her beautiful solo cello performance (one not to miss) Then sit back and let The Shaker Hymn give ye a right dose of medicine with there stunning ensemble. Free In & above The Red House... See you there!

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Living the tradition Trailer

Very excited, the trailer for Living the Tradition has now been made and the film will be released January 15, 2014. Have a look at our Living the Tradition website, and enjoy the trailer!

We are releasing a 96 minute documentary along with ten music videos. There will be a DVD and an online version available.

In the last week of this year, we will be pre-selling the DVD version for a reduced price, so stay tuned!


Custom House, Cork

I performed a solo cello concert at Custom House in Cork for the Windle Club on sunny Thursday. Afterwards I was treated to a delicious lunch around the corner at the Brasserie.

The Custom House was designed by William Hargrave in 1881 and built at Custom House Street between the north and south channels of the River Lee.  At the time its main work dealt with inland revenue.  In 1904 the Cork Harbour Commissioners took over the building on a 999 year lease.

Custom House Cork

The magnificently ornate boardroom, where I performed was added to the building in 1906 and was designed by William Price, the then Harbour Engineer.

Custom House Cork Boardroom

Ilse de Ziah Solo Recital – Cork – 27/09/12

Ilse de Ziah Solo Recital
Thursday, September 27, 2012
21:00 - All Ages
Other Info
As part of the Engage Arts Festival in Bandon, a performance of my own compositions and arrangements for solo cello.
From Irish Airs to Australia Fair An expressive, 'out-of-the-ordinary' performance of Irish Airs and contemporary cello pieces composed and arranged by Ilse, performed on cello. Well known and lesser known Irish airs sing gloriously in their new raiment. Modern compositional techniques create ancient ethereal atmospheres and earthy moods. Taking inspiration from the Irish and Australian landscapes Ilse creates a fresh, lyrical and emotional style of cello music. A magical musical journey to lose and find yourself.

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Nessun Dorma

I made a solo cello arrangement of Nessun Dorma. It's a great song and I managed to reduce a whole orchestra and opera singer into a single instrument. These are the sort of challenges I like!

Have a look at the youtube clip of it. could be better video quality…but you get the idea!

I will put the sheet music up on my store playcellomusic and then you too can play it, for only €3!