Timoleague Solo Concert

I had a brilliant time in Timoleage playing for the music amongst the mosaics series on the 30th July for my first in this Summer's solo concerts. The audience were lovely and the space has great acoustics. And a wonderful supper afterwards at Robert and Laura Travers gorgeous place. Delicious fresh from the garden produce and great company. Solo concerts proving not to be lonely at all! This is the show…


From Irish Airs to Australia Fair


An expressive, 'out-of-the-ordinary' performance of Irish Airs and contemporary cello pieces composed and arranged by Ilse.

Well known and lesser known Irish airs sing gloriously in their new raiment. Modern compositional techniques create ancient ethereal atmospheres and earthy moods.

Taking inspiration from the Irish and Australian landscapes Ilse creates a fresh, lyrical and emotional style of cello music.

A magical musical journey to lose and find yourself.


The program


Carrickfergus – trad. arr. Ilse de Ziah

El Cant Dels Ocells – Pablo Casals arr. D. Johnstone

Buachaill Ó'n Éirne – trad. arr. Ilse de Ziah

Driftwood – Ilse de Ziah

Fanny Power – O'Carolan arr. Ilse de Ziah

The River – Ilse de Ziah

Amhran na Leabhar/polka – trad. arr. Ilse de Ziah


Aisling An Oigfhir – trad. arr. Ilse de Ziah

Soilse in Darkness – Ilse de Ziah

My Country – poem by Dorothea McKellar

Blow by Blow – Ilse de Ziah

Cape Clear – trad. arr. Ilse de Ziah

Chicken and Fox – Ilse de Ziah

Pure Imagination – arr. de Ziah


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