November 29, 2011 | Posted in:Events, Video

A welcome rock was erected at the entrance to the small East Cork Town of Carrigtwohill, and to celebrate, Tina Horan choreographed a dance for the lovely Eadin to my air Inch Strand. It was a beautiful setting sun. Later in the evening the community came together for the official unveiling with the local boys school choir, speeches, cups of tea, the dance, and little girls running around the rock to me playing a couple of reels…. 

Rock of Carrigtwohill from Ilse de Ziah on Vimeo.

Music and dance performance. Cello by Ilse de Ziah. Original music ‘Inch Strand’ by Ilse de Ziah. Dancer: Eadin O’Mahony. Choreography by Tina Horan. Filmed and edited by Barry McCarthy.

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