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Cello Workshop in Germany

Great news, I will be running a cello workshop in Bonn, Germany in a few weeks and there are a few places still available, so let me know soon if you are interested in attending! We will learn beautiful Irish airs and get groovy with chopping and improvising. All levels of players; it doesn’t matter if you only played for 6 months or many years, there is something for everyone! It will be a lot of fun, a great opportunity to develop your playing in an enjoyable way and you get a chance to perform with me in the Monday night concert. If you are around in the area but not a cellist or not able to make the workshop, do come to the concert!

Here is the info, and a link to Sue Shlotte’s site, where you can book a place and find more information. Booking

Cello Unlimited!cellist-clipart-cello

19. – 21. September 2015 in Bonn

Workshop outline:

A focus on Irish music, blues and other scales, rock and roll rhythms, and cello chord voicings for accompaniment.


To give students a simple way of unlocking the mechanisms for playing the cello in popular musical styles.


By the end of the workshop, you will have a basic understanding on how to approach “nonclassical” styles of music and be inspired to play within a wider range of musical possibilities, through use of scales, chord “shapes”, rhythms, extended techniques, and improvisation.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Learn a slow Irish air and Irish traditional tunes by ear.
  2. Ornamentation and variations on Irish tunes.
  3. The blues scale and other scales
  4. Improvising with modal scales over drones
  5. Improvising with extended techniques
  6. The art of accompanying
  7. Using drones and rhythmic techniques for accompaniment
  8. Introduction to chopping
  9. Chord voicings
  10. Using the cycle of 5ths

All participants will go home with information notes and sheet music from the workshop.