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Midleton Arts Festival – Meet the Orchestra

SATURDAY 13th MAY, 1.45 @ Market Green, Midleton (where Tesco is)

Having been on the organising team of Midleton Arts Festival, I have discovered that this makes little time to focus on anything else… but is this bad? NO! The team of organisers are an amazing group of creative and talented people. I feel very lucky to live in a town where so many great people live. When artists and people who are into being creative in any field come together, there is such a feeling of community. A feeling of being connected, and being part of what is going on. The winter despair has been shaken off, the feeling of missing out on all the fun has faded, and the sun is sometimes burning through the cloud, a day of summer here and there.

Saturday coming and the Midleton Arts Festival begins. If it rains, it is really annoying, but despite the predictions of rain, we will have a ball and my Saturday event in Midleton Market Green will go ahead.

The Cork Light Orchestra will be presenting ‘Meet the Orchestra’. The elders meet the bubs and share their talents and knowledge. I love bringing all ages together and not making something only for young or only for old. Some of us may be old and some may be young but we can all be young at heart and have a lovely time sharing the fun that music and art can bring.

We are Art!!