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Augustus John’s painting of cellist Suggia has a new life

I was doing a music video shoot a couple of weeks ago for a duo piece by the wonderful composer and flute player Katrina Emtage who wrote "Wind on Waves" for cello and bass flute. It was made by award winning producer Shaun O'Connor. (some great photos from the shoot are on his site)

The amazing outfits were made by designer Lisa Zagone. As I sat there being filmed it struck me in such a dress I was an embodiment of the Augustus John painting of Portugese cellist Guilhermina Suggia so I asked Shaun to take a photo of me to recreate the image.

Ilse-Painting Ilse-Cello-Painting-1

photo by Shaun O'Connor


I'm looking forward to seeing the end product of the shoot. Part of it I was lying in a pool of icy water, of course it was the coldest day of the year despite winter being officially over… and there was no hot water in the taps. I can tell you it was agony for arts sake…