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  1. David James

    I’ve just watched “Living the Tradition: An Enchanting Journey into Old Irish Airs”, on Amazon Prime – a magical 52 mins, and I’ll watch it again. Thank you Ilse for making such a captivating film, which included you meeting a whole bunch of lovely people along the way, as well as playing beautiful music.

    I’m 67, and started learning the cello in January this year (2018). I have a lovely teacher (who has the patience of a saint by the way, because I’m learning from scratch) and she keeps me motivated to learn and progress. Starting at my age I’m not at all sure where I hope to end up though, so I’m just enjoying the ride, but I’ve a mind to buy your Irish Airs collection after watching you.

    Thank you so much for a fascinating, moving film, so obviously made with love and integrity. Such a shame there isn’t a DVD (or is there?).

    1. ilse

      Thanks so much David, keep enjoying playing cello, it is a journey, and always rewarding! Yes I do have the DVD and it is a longer version with a few more airs included (Directors cut) Here is the link to order it. Living the Tradition DVD
      All the best!

  2. Michele Hellstern

    My husband and I watched “Living the Tradition: An Enchanting Journey into Old Irish Airs”, on Amazon Prime = then we purchased it. I’ve watched it twice today! Absolutely in love with it!
    My husband is a childhood fan of The Hobbit and immediately fell in love with your Misty Mountains Cold. I’m a beginner cellist (with decades of trumpet experience 🙂 ), have been taking lessons for a year, and have also purchased the Misty Mountains Cold music and tutorials, along with your book “Trad on Cello – Traditional Irish Tunes in Cello Friendly Keys”, which I’m reading and trying. I’d love to take your course – however, I’m not certain I’m quite ready for it yet, musically-speaking. If you have anything available for newer cellists, please point me that direction! Also, thank you for everything you’re doing, love the Irish music so much!

  3. Kimo

    Your short documentary was magical and inspiring. Aires seem to be meant for cello on coastal hillsides, eh?
    I received the Aires book a while back and love it. Just ordered another as a surprise gift for my Cello teacher as we r all safely sequestered at our separate homes for a while to come. Thank you for your musical gift!!!! Stay safe!

  4. Cheeko

    Thank you so much for bringing this music to the cello!
    Before the pandamic arrived in the US, I played many of the selections from your Traditional Airs while working in the hospital as a therapeutic musician. “Aisling An Oig-fhir” was one of my favorites as it worked in seamlessly with the Bach I Suite and all of them are simply pleasurable to play. My patients felt comforted even though they were unfamiliar with this and other songs such as “Casadh an tSúgáin.” When I had to stop working due to the virus, I played these for my neighbors out on my sun porch on Sunday mornings and they also loved the music as well. For my “me time” I play “Song of Books” as it comforts me during this strange time. I look forward to learning the music in the Sacred book as well as “Macushla.” Keep them coming!

    1. ilse

      Thanks Cheeko, it’s lovely to hear that the pieces are comforting for these times. I’ve just released 11 tracks for my new album Transcendence from my book Sacred Irish Music for Cello which I think you’ll love to play and listen to! If you don’t already have it, it’s free if you buy the album from Bandcamp in the next week. All the best, Ilse


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