June News

The past week has been a whirlwind of epic events. First big news, I had my results today… I completed my Masters in cello performance with a first class Honours. It was a great experience to do the course and wonderful that it is now complete! For my final MA concert I played the fabulous Khachaturian Cello Concerto with the City of Cork Symphony Orchestra in a sold out concert. I’m hoping to play it again somewhere, it should be played more often! I wrote my own Cadenza which I will share on YouTube soon and make the sheet music available.

And on the topic of the CCSO, of which I am also principal cellist, we played with Katherine Jenkins and Jose Carreras on the 20th June in Independence Park, Cork. Solo cello was featured in a few numbers, but particularly a big cello solo part for The Godfather theme, or Parla Più Piano when sung in Italian. It was powerful playing that emotive melody across a stadium, with the Stars accompanying me!

We have an all women cello section!

Also this week I was appointed Musical Director of the DustBusters Light Orchestra. It was baptism of fire, conducting the first concert in the Cobh bandstand on Sunday, without having met them all yet! But it was wonderful and they sounded great on the balmy summers day by the harbour. Kids were waving their arms about copying me conduct, and people were waltzing.

Last night was yet another highlight of the week, my contemporary music band the Quiet Music Ensemble played in Dublin in The Freemasons’ Hall. Incredible building, with many ‘chapels’ and meeting rooms, each decorated in a fancy manner!

Here we are set up ready for the concert in the main room with black and white checked carpet!

The evening was our Dublin showcase, and we had our newly released ‘The Mysteries Beyond Matter’ CD on sale. Available HERE. It has had brilliant reviews so far.

I also began recording a new solo cello CD at Cork School of Music in amongst all this and on Monday will continue. We will be using the North Cathedral in Shandon, Cork for a couple of pieces. It has an incredibly resonant space which will really suit!

So a big week, I might take an hour or two off before the next onslaught!

Remember: Cello is a powerful thing. Listen wisely!

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