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The Socrates Project

I went into the studio a couple of weeks ago with composer/guitarist Fergal O'Connor and violinist Tom Crowley and we came up with some cool string parts for this soundtrack, check it out! I'm looking forward to reading the book, hopefully it's as fun as we had jamming in Claycastle Studios! Afterwards we went for the most moody winter walk along Youghal beach as the light was draining from the clouds. Very atmospheric to match the music…

The Socrates Project from The Socrates Project on Vimeo.


I'm enjoying the fantastic production of Pagliacci at the Everyman Palace. Our first night was last night. 9 musician/actors playing a reduced score, all by memory and moving about the stage with the singers. We are gods and godesses of the theatre, surrounded by the clowns/circus troupe and a whole gang of chorus.

Here is a promo clip

The costumes are stunning, by the amazing Lisa Zagone.

Nessun Dorma

I made a solo cello arrangement of Nessun Dorma. It's a great song and I managed to reduce a whole orchestra and opera singer into a single instrument. These are the sort of challenges I like!

Have a look at the youtube clip of it. could be better video quality…but you get the idea!

I will put the sheet music up on my store playcellomusic and then you too can play it, for only €3!



Bach Air on a G String

I've made a video for Bach Air, of the solo cello arrangement available on playcellomusic. I need to learn how to use my recording/filming programmes better, but getting there….! It's a beautiful piece to play, and having only played the cello line for years is a lovely change to play the melody instead!

Loves & Fissures

This is my composition/film called Love & Fissures. I recorded four cello tracks with the C-string tuned down to various levels of purr. The film is of my Irish hand woven blanket which I have had for 10 years. It has a life of it's own, and sneaking up behind it, I finally caught it doing it's strange dance on film!


Nacht und Traume

I was asked to transcribe Nacht und Traume by Schubert for cello, as played by Stjepan Hauser. I have put in his bowings and fingerings, all played on the D string. You can look at/download pdf here to play. Nacht und Traume and watch him play it. Try playing along… lookout for that heavy breathing!!