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From Irish Airs to Deep Space – Blackrock, Cork – 22/10/17

Eventbrite - From Irish Airs to Deep Space

From Irish Airs to Deep Space
Sunday, October 22, 2017
14:00 - All Ages Buy Tickets
Castle Road
Blackrock, Cork, Ireland
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On Sunday afternoon 22nd October a serene event will take place at the Cork Blackrock Castle Observatory, bringing together the magic of Ilse de Ziah's cello playing and the elegant style of Maarten Roos' filmmaking. Two films will be featured, their award winning Irish music film Living the Tradition, followed by the exquisite Serene Universe with live voice over from Ilse de Ziah and music by William Zeitler. Between the films, Ilse will perform live on cello.
For an afternoon delving deep into space and being transformed by the journey From Irish Airs to Deep Space.
All ages welcome.
Living the Tradition, an Enchanting Journey into Old Irish Airs a film by Ilse de Ziah & Maarten Roos had its premiere at the first Midleton Arts Festival and went on to win best feature documentary in the Eerie International Film Festival.
Behind every Irish tune is an ancient tale of love and loss, of history and heroes. Living the Tradition is the journey of cello player and composer Ilse de Ziah around Ireland in a search for undiscovered secrets of ten Irish Airs. Along the way she meets with renowned Irish musicians, scholars and local characters who share with her the history and stories behind the music. Ilse performs each of these intensely beautiful pieces in the settings they were written. Filmmaker Maarten Roos captures the landscapes, the charm of the Irish people and the powerful resonance of the cello, creating a fresh account of Irish music and culture.
"Beautiful in every way. Ilse de Ziah and the artists she interviews plumb the depths of melancholy beauty in each of the ten airs they perform. An outstanding film."
Serene Universe by Maarten Roos is a unique film experience in which images of the cosmos and a beautifully composed soundtrack are intimately intertwined. Starting on our planet Earth, Serene Universe takes you out and into the Solar System, the Galaxy, Deep Space and finally your inner space.
"Beautiful to watch and calming to listen."

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Meditations – Krakow – 01/10/17

Sunday, October 1, 2017
13:00 - All Ages Buy Tickets
The Chamber Hall (map)
ICE Krakow Congress Centre
Krakow, Poland
Other Info
Performed by Quiet Music Ensemble
The sad first anniversary of death of Pauline Oliveros, an outstanding and important composer of post-war electronic minimalism and the creator of deep listening practice, will fall in November 2017. Her composition The Mystery Beyond Matter will be performed to the spatial, multi-channel screening and electronic processing of sound. The piece will be performed by Quiet Music Ensemble. Its name speaks for itself, suggesting what kind of experience will be offered. The concert will consist of three parts and will last more than three hours, presenting amplified instrumental (Oliveros) and acoustic (Lucier) minimalism, along with David Toop’s sonorist and onomatopoeic piece and a premiere composition by Rishin Singh who is back to Krakow again). For a change, in-between, the pieces by Jennifer Walshe – energetic, humorous and full of postinternet excess Dordán and An Ghléacht are multimedia compositions, accompanied by synchronised visualisations developed by the composer.


/ 69'
David Toop – night leaves breathing (2009) 20’ [Polish Premiere]
Alvin Lucier – Shadow Lines (2008) 14’ [Polish Premiere]
Rishin Singh – Grisaille no. 1 (2017) 35’ [World Premiere]

*** / 20'

/ 65'
Jennifer Walshe – Dordán (2013) 35’ [Polish Premiere]
Jennifer Walshe – An Ghléacht (2015) 30’ [Polish Premiere]

*** / 20'

/ 60'
Pauline Oliveros – The Mystery Beyond Matter (2014) 60’ [Polish Premiere]

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Marriage d’Amour – New arrangement

If you’re like me you’ll be eager to get started on a new party piece for those end of year events!

This week I have completed a new solo cello arrangement of Marriage d’Amour by Paul de Senneville. I am sure you will enjoy playing it. It is passionate and as one of my patrons said, “a strong swirling dance of life”


Speaking of patrons; each video release is being supported by patrons through

If you would like to support me in making more music do have a look. When I make an arrangement you will be the first to receive it, and are encouraged to give suggestions about what pieces you would like arranged. I find this platform a good way for me to interact with fellow cellists who enjoy my music.

Video of Marriage d’Amour, as usual made in front of my famous Narnia cupboard… from inside it, inspiration flows.

Thank you for listening!